My mind is overworked.

im tired. exhausted. no energy left in me.
im sick with an irony deficiency 
and i dont eat healthy at all.
i have no time. 
between working 30+ hours a week
and being a full time student (5 courses)
and atleast 4 hours a day on a bus
how am i supposed to take care of myself?
Im behind with my school work
and being in a relationship is a full time job too.
my anxiety has escalated in an extreme amount
in the past few weeks.
Im over thinking, and being a dumbass.

Do you know what would be beautiful?
being loved by someone, with all their heart.
being loved by someone who only sees you,
and even when your apart, they’ll hold you in their heart.
they will think about you often, and dream of your arms that held them so tightly.
they will see a little bit of you in every new person they’ll meet.
they will love you so much, no one will be able to replace the space in their heart
I have not yet experienced such beauty. But i hope to one day. 

" You may not find all that you’re after
In the end, I hope it doesn’t matter "
" Saturdays are for adventure; Sundays are for cuddling "
" I’m scared as hell to want you. But here I am, wanting you anyway. "